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    Meek Mill Says He Does Not Fuck With Lace Front Wigs!

    Meek Mill has decided that he is not here for lace front wigs.

    Lace front wigs have become the new trend in women’s hair styles. More women, instead of going to the salon every few weeks, have instead chosen to wear a different array of wigs. Even in the fashion and music industry, you will find a lot of women using lace front in photo shoots and videos. The best example of that is Nicki Minaj, who has made a career out of wearing new and crazy wigs.

    Meek Mill has an opinion of the rise of lace front wigs throughout the industry and the world. He went on Twitter to say that he thinks that they are “wack” and in need for protest.

    If women can do whatever they want with their hair, including putting on wigs, Meek Mill has no right to police women’s hair. He is entitled to his opinion but this is really not the hill for him to die on. After ending his beef with K. Michelle, he has now started a beef over lace front wigs? Great way to stay relevant.

    What do you think of what Meek Mill said? Are you for lace front wigs or do you also think that they are wack?

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