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    Meek Dicked Down Trina While With Nicki??

    Trina has been pulled into the limelight!

    Damn Meek they trying to get you caught up.

    Meek Mill has turned his life around being an advocate for justice regarding young African Americans getting caught up in the system. The rapper has experienced first hand how the legal system tries to obligate individuals who have made mistake early on.

    People from all over stood and protested the injustice that went on that threatened his livelihood. Meek isn’t out the woods yet, however he has made ever stride to clean up his act.

    With all that said, it seems that the music game can get messy for just about anyone. A rapper by the name of Chinese Kitty surely decided to drag Meek’s name into some major drama.

    Kitty claims that Nicki Minaj asked her if she had sex with Meek. The rapper Kitty cleared the air and said that she never doesn’t know or hasn’t spoken to meek.

    Chinese Kitty went on to explain that the Southern rapper Trina did fuck Meek Mill, and another unnamed woman as well.

    Damn, they can never keep Meek name out the drama. If I were Meek, I would surely not even respond to the foolishness.

    We have to give it to Meek though, he really be bagging the shorties!!


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