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    Meek Mill Deposition in the Death of Shooting Victim

    Meek Mill is trying to get out of appearing in court for a deposition in regards to a 2016 incident.

    According to The Blast, the family of Travis Ward claims that Mill is responsible for his death. Ward died in 2016, outside a concert venue where Mill was hosting a concert in Connecticut. The family alleges that the incident could have been avoided, but that Mill, along with Oakdale Musical Theatre Company and Live Nation, were negligent in their attempts to resolve the issues present. They also allege that Mill’s lyrics incite violence, therefore, promoting the shooting that took place that night. Now a Meek Mill deposition could put the rapper in a difficult situation.

    Ward’s family wants the rapper to appear in court to answer questions about the incident. However, Mill and his lawyer argue that there is no need for him to do such a thing. His lawyer writes, “The noticed deposition of Mill is a thinly-veiled attempt to harass a public figure who had no relationship to the Plaintiffs’ injuries to try to extract a nuisance settlement. The Court should not permit this abuse.”

    Alongside the family of Jaquan Graves, they’ve filed a separate lawsuit. Both estates are asking for $3 million apiece.

    So far, the judge has not made a decision to benefit Mill or the families.

    In conclusion, What are your thoughts on the Meek Mill deposition? Should he have to go? How do you feel after reading this story? Share your thoughts below.

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