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    Meek Mill Is Not Prioritizing Relationships in 2020

    Is Chivalry Dead?

    With the rise of social media, the dating scene has definitely changed into something we have never seen. With the introduction of Dating Apps, Sliding in the DM’s, and smartphones, it is easy to connect with people. But because of this, and that our attention spans are becoming smaller, and we tend to get bored very quickly. This makes it’s a lot easier to disconnect and find someone new to connect with. This double-edged sword makes it hard to find someone who is not going to waste your time and energy. And Meek Mill did not sugarcoat that at all this week.
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    Putting The Mission First

    Meek Mill has been all about moving differently coming into 2020. The Philly rapper took to twitter this week to get his thoughts regarding dating off of his chest. Using hypothetical situations and personal stories, he decided to educate his followers about focusing on their goals and not to get sidetracked by things such as love.

    He also stressed the importance of doing your homework before picking a significant other. A reason for this is that they become apart of you and your reputation once you bring them into the fold. And the last thing you need is someone that is going to hurt you or make you look stupid.

    Meek Said “I had to tell my dawg them birds come last we on a mission…. if it ain’t ya wife or y’all kids mom it come last … you took a year off to find love and she left with an athlete you wasted the whole squad time we was on a money mission my G lol “that girlfriend shit temporary”.

    What do you guys think about what meek twitter comments? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know what future content you would like to see us cover. And as always, have a good day.


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