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    Meek Mill, Michael Rubin Donate $2 Million To Philly Schools

    Philadelphia native Meek Mill has teamed up with his friend and business partner, Michael Rubin. The rapper and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner will donate $2 million in scholarship money for Philadelphia students in low income families.

    According to Complex, the scholarship will benefit an estimate of 1,000 students in pre-K, elementary, high school, and special-education students. The scholarship will go into effect immediately in the 2020-2021 school year. The scholarship will help these families pay for tuition, laptops and tablets, and Wi-Fi coverage in their homes. This scholarship will be an immense aid for struggling families during this pandemic we are currently in.

    Meek Mill And Michael Rubin have worked together on many occasions to help the Philadelphia community and social issues around the country. They are both co-founders of the REFORM Alliance, a collective of powerful people using their platform to help change the current justice system.

    “We are bringing together leaders in business, government, entertainment, sports, technology, art, and culture to give voice to the voiceless. We won’t stop until we’ve changed the laws, policies, and practices that perpetuate the horrific injustice we’re seeing in America.”
    – REFORM Alliance Website
    This charitable news can be seen as news of redemption for Meek Mill. Just last week, he was being dragged across the internet after he posted a video of himself giving a group of kids 20 dollars for a water bottle. People on the internet felt as though the rapper could have gave more money to the young hustlers on the street.


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