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    Meek Finds Out That Nicki Still Don’t Fuck with Him

    Meek Mill finds out that Nicki Minaj still doesn’t fuck with him after he tries to get a look at her new boyfriend.

    During an #ASKMEEK twitter session, fans asked the rapper what he thought about Nicki Minaj’s new bae. Meek finds himself blocked on Instagram by Nicki, he says, so he could not see him and make any judgment.

    It was no secret that Meek was still in Nicki’s DMS after the breakout. However, with her new man, Nicki apparently wants to cut off all ties with him.  Nicki has been pretty vocal about her desire to be with her new boyfriend, Kenneth Petty. This is even despite Petty being a convicted rapist.

    What do you think? Is Nicki being petty? (no pun intended!)

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