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    Meagan Good Cheeks Clapped!! Baby Happening

    Meagan Good is perhaps one of the most sought after women to ever grace the movie screen.

    For decades the actor has always managed to bring her sex appeal to the screen. Despite her beauty, it seemed hard for just about anyone to put there stamp on her. After some time, the talented actor would go on to marry a former executive by the name of Devon Franklin. Now it seems as though Meagan Good cheeks clapped means a baby will be on the way.

    Meagan Good Cheeks Clapped

    Devon Franklin is known for being an author and also preaching regarding relationships on social media. Over the last two years, the couple has spoken on the importance of transparency and healthy relationships. Now fresh off a new 30-day fitness challenge, the two will be planning for a child. At the moment she’s not pregnant but that will likely change sooner than later.

    “I’m trying to really get in shape. It’s about to be my birthday and I’m trying to show people what 38 looks like,” Good announced to her followers. “And I’m trying to get ready for babies. I’m trying to be in the best shape of my life so that I can start from a good point and be in a good place when I get in the gym after that.”

    Furthermore, it’s safe to say that plenty of people are happy for the couple overall. We congratulate the married couple for the exciting news and wish them the best.

    In conclusion, do you think Meagan Good cheeks clapped a couple of times will lead to a baby boy? Will she have twins? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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