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    McDonald’s Customer Gets His Ass Handed to Him for the New Year

    Really over a straw?!

    A Florida McDonalds customer got more than just his food order to ring in the new year. Daniel Taylor, 41, was captured on video assaulting a Mickie D’s employee after being told he wouldn’t be able to get a straw as it is now the law.

    The young woman, identified as Yazmine James, who the exchange was with, stood peacefully just seconds before Taylor lunged and gripped her up by the shirt. As a result, James fought back swinging and even landing some punches on her aggressor. Fellow McDonald’s employees can be seen on the video prying James off of the assailant in attempts to restrain her from doing any more damage.

    As part of the new law, businesses are no longer allowed to have plastic straws out on the counter. Instead, customers must request for the straw at the time off of their order.

    McDonald’s has since released a statement, however, James and fellow employees have been reportedly forbidden to speak more on the incident.

    “Our highest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants.”

    Taylor spent his new years day where he belonged for the nut shit he pulled…behind bars.

    Don’t believe us, view the vid below!

    On the other hand, was Yazmine in the wrong for her behavior? Should she have given into the man’s orders? Comment below and for more WTF moments, keep it locked to!


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