MC Bravado Rounds Up A Few Classic Emcees For His Lead Dedication To “Hip-Hop*”

MC Bravado Rounds Up A Few Classic Emcees

New York, New York’s MC Bravado is preparing to release his most definitive work to date in an ode to the culture, that of which he will call “Hip-Hop*”. The album is something like a tour de force in dense songwriting and structurally advanced, eclectic Hip-Hop music. Bravado is a rapper’s rapper at his apex, cultivating a record that celebrates the artist he is today by marrying and encapsulating the extensive array of influences that got him here.

The asterisk on the end of the album title symbolizes the attentiveness asked of the listener and serves as the embodiment of what’s been omitted from the game for far too long. This collective is set to be a statement. MC Bravado has arrived.

The HypeFresh Mag team had the opportunity to chat with Bravado upon the release of his brand new single, “Unfiltered” which features other heavy-hitting emcees (and femcees) like Nitty Scott, Real Deal, and Time Police. See below for the full dialogue.

What are some of the different elements you intentionally put into this album based on titling it “Hip-Hop*”

The asterisk denotes further clarification which I think many seek after hearing my lyrics. Everything can’t always be taken at face value; there’s that “iceberg effect” of depth below the surface that Hemingway (my favorite author) was famous for. However, I still try to make that first listen engaging and entertaining enough that listeners dig it even if they don’t necessarily comprehend the rest. I’m not complex or verbose for the sake of being so. Hemingway took a similar approach in his writing and being my favorite author, he tends to influence my process. I also see the asterisk as a correction or symbol that functions as the represents an omission; I see myself as what the game’s been missing for far too long 🙂

What was the recording process like with this project?

The recording process was arduous. I love writing, and I love performing, and I love jamming out to my own shit in the studio once it’s done. However, I honestly loathe the process. I love vibing with my engineers and cooking up something special, but I expect so much out of myself that my time itself in the booth can be pretty debilitating. I’m hardcore OCD and will not rest until it sounds exactly how I want it to sound in my head, being so technical doesn’t help either. Talk to any of my engineers and each of them will tell you that I’m completely out of my mind when it comes to recording. I’ve never done more second guessing or scrapping and rerecording on a project, but I’d like to think this was worth it.

MC Bravado’s “Hip-Hop*” Album Cover

Who are some of the different producers you collaborated with in your overall crafting of “Hip-Hop*”?

There are a lot of dope producers on this record. J57 produced the second single (“This is Gold”) off the project which is an honor. He’s someone I look up to a great deal because his work ethic and versatility. He can cook something that will thrive in any sub-genre of hip-hop, and regardless of how big a name we’re talking about, there aren’t many that can keep up with him. Teddy Roxpin produced a couple records on this album, and he has production credits anywhere from Apathy (who is like a God to me) to Mac Miller. EP from The Doppelgangaz cooked up something fierce (the album single: “Unfiltered”) on here; I’ve known him a long time and very much admire how Dopp created their own niche lane and become a force through strategy, quality, and consistency. My homie Militant Marxman (a fellow Cypher Junkies member who I did an entire album with…still unreleased) handled the intro, and the outro. DeeJay Element is on here, and he’s fire. You said “some”, so I’ll stop there but big up everyone involved and thank you for putting up with me.

What are you hoping listeners take away from the album?

I want listeners to feel refreshed and uplifted by the most eclectic and complete rap record they’ve heard in a long time. I want them to hear someone with golden era feels, contemporary sensibility, and a god-tier pen.

What are your plans as far as a album rollout once it debuts?

We just got started with the single “Unfiltered” featuring the incomparable Nitty Scott and my favorite battle rapper: Real Deal. From there, I’m dropping the visuals for the next single (“This is Gold”) ft. OnCue. Then you can count on me hitting you with an array of singles and visuals for the next six months. Everyone you know will wind up fucking with this project in some capacity. Hopefully most of them will stand back and ascertain the beauty of the work in its entirety.

What can we expect from MC Bravado with this new album?

Expect a clinic from someone that respects the craft. Expect battle raps, tracks that feel old school, “radio” joints that still pack technical density and messages, some shit your parents would fuck with, even some shit you could hear at any club or kegger in the country. You will think, you will feel, you will quote, you will emote, you will vibe off feels, and you will find an artist amidst it all that can’t be duplicated by a given wave or trend.

Anything you want to leave off with?

Find me on the “smash meet” and say hello. Listen to “Unfiltered”, preorder “Hip-Hop*”(, peace to Soulspazm for backing the kid, peace to all my students and avid listeners. one time for your mind.

Listen below to his lead single, “Unfiltered”.


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