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    MBNel Uses Platform To Raise Suicide Prevention Awareness With “Fadeaway”

    HypeFresh is wearing the honor of interviewing MBNel, an artist who has the heart for those suffering from depression. The artist is using his platform to raise awareness, in hopes to eradicate suicide. MBNel is shying away from the tough guy lifestyle to help heal those suffering from depression. After losing a fan to suicide that he met three years ago would spark a strong desire to create art surrounding the basis of healing and anti-suicide.

    MBNel is a man few words; however, his mission is mighty. Being a first generation Filipino-American, he uses his experiences to make lemonade. Nel discusses his upbringing, creative process and inspirations.

    Meet MBNel.

    Discovering MBNel

    Who is MBNel? The artist did not hesitate to answer this question. Confidently speaking MBNel explains that both of his parents are native to the Philippines and that he is the first generation of his family, born in Stockton, California. Evidently being raised on Southside, a rougher area in Stockton, helped the artist build character and develop his street smarts. Growing up in Stockton, his exposure to gang culture and poverty at an early age, would make it inevitable to not adopt that lifestyle. He explains the dilemma his parents faced, coming to America for a better life, only to witness American poverty and gang violence. In spite of MBNel’s childhood, his parents did a wonderful job raising a talented, compassionate individual.

    MBNel detailed his background in music and how his father plays a major role in his artistic influence.

    “My Pops does this DJ-ing thing, we’re Filipino, so they like doing their own little band,” MBNel said. “He’s part of a band that does cover songs, so growing up I would hear them play songs by Bon Jovi and Journey.”

    Listening to those genres at an early age helped MBNel develop his own individual sound, which is melodic rap.

    HypeFresh asked when did music become Nel’s passion. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in. In school, I always wrote raps in my notebook, instead of taking notes. I never really had the knowledge or the funds to go to the studio.”

    MBNel’s upbringing sets him apart as an artist, being a Filipino-American. There aren’t a lot of artists who resemble his style and background in the industry. Coming where he comes from, the influence and the gang culture doesn’t have an effect on the kind of music he makes. His style is different—he’s not a regular rapper. He’s exploring new lanes with melodic rap, branching out and experimenting with different sounds with his music.

    Together We Can Save Lives

    MBNel mourns a fan who lost his battle to depression. He wrote his single “Fadeaway” to  honor to his fallen fan. In spite of tragedy, the event inspired him to open his ability to write from a different, open perspective.

    “Seeing it first hand, I’ve always been around people suffering from depression,” he shared.

    A fan who he actually met that spent money and supported him committed suicide, that opened his eyes to a new way of creating. Mentally, the tragic situation resonates with his childhood depression and how he was able to cope at a young age. Coming from the streets, depression isn’t a topic people want to talk or know about. Experiencing it from someone close to him opened him up more, it happens more often than we think. MBNel explains that people tend to not speak about it until it’s too late, which is most unfortunate.

    In addition to his “Fadeaway” single release during suicide awareness month, the Stockton native plans to donate some of his proceeds to suicide prevention. MBNel is active with an organization called The Continuance Foundation, a safe place for those who are battling depression.

    For the rest of 2022, MBNel plans to delve more into music, making new songs like his single “Fadeaway”.

    He plans to expand himself as an artist—he wants to reveal a more positive side of his music. The ultimate goal is to be a better artist and not just your average rapper.

    MB is preparing for his first international tour and we are here for it!

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