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    Wendy Williams Invited to Appear on ‘Maury’ To Expose Cheating Husband!

    Now that rumors of Wendy Williams’ husband getting his mistress pregnant are circulating, Maury Povich is offering his help.

    Povich, who is the long-time host of Maury, is offering up his show as a platform for the couple to get to the bottom of things. On Facebook, Povich told Williams to feel free to stop by.

    He wrote, “Wendy… sounds like you need a DNA and Lie Detector Test! Let me help you find the truth!”

    Povich offered Wendy and her husband, Kevin Hunter, the opportunity to take a DNA test and a lie detector test. If you’ve ever watched Maury, then you know Povich’s show is famous for offering that to guests.

    However, Williams never responded, and the post has now been removed. Yet, we’re sure the offer still stands.

    Williams has been married to Hunter since 1997, and together, they have one child. But allegedly, Hunter has had a mistress for 10 of those years that he’s been married.

    50 Cent even commented on the matter, stating that Wendy Williams is the “World’s Most Famous Sidechick.” WW is denying the pregnancy rumors, and staying out of the spotlight. So far, she has not made a return to talk show TV. The Wendy Williams Show remains without her as a host.

    Thoughts? Do you think Wendy’s husband really knocked up his mistress? Feel free to leave your opinion, using our comment section.

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