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Matt Lauer Pockets fucked


Matt Lauer Pockets Fucked!!! $20 Million

Matt Lauer has gone through over the last two years. Now the former news anchor is preparing to open his checkbook, and it will surely sting.

Because of accusations back in 2017, “Today” had no choice but to fire Matt Lauer. Now he is officially blackballed from the world of news and report, signifying the #Metoo movement. Overall the movement gained tremendous acknowledgment. During that time, people such as Russell Simmons, and Harvey Weinstein came under fire for their alleged actions. Fast-forward and now, Lauer stands to lose out on $20 million worth of assets. Overall Matt Lauer‘s pockets are fucked as harassment in the working environment will not stand.

Lauer‘s longtime wife Annette Roque officially filed for divorce on Tuesday, In Suffolk County, NY. Several outlets are reporting that last month the former couple reached a settlement of $20 million in assets. At the moment there is not a clear structure of how the properties will be split. Apparently, the couple has several properties throughout NY state and New Zealand. In addition, it’s already basically confirmed that Roque will get the horse farm in the Hamptons.

Furthermore, a judge’s signing off on the paperwork is the remaining step to officially split the two for good.

In conclusion, Will he return to the world of reporting at some point? Are Matt Lauer pockets fucked really bad? How much is he really worth off the books? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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