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    Is Matt Lauer Planning A Comeback To The World Of Entertainment??

    Last year we saw so many people in power fall. One of those individuals was former tv anchor Matt Lauer.

    It’s no secret that Lauer has been behind the scenes looking to plan an unofficial comeback to the world of reporting. However, we didn’t expect that someone for a familiar face to try and help him in the process. Allegedly Matt wasted very little time talking getting in contact with Bryant Gumbel about his next move. The former Morning Show host flew down to Florida in December he met with the HBO Sports host.

    For well over a decade Lauer has been trusted as a respectable anchor, and credible source for news. That all came to a head once several women dating back over a year finally spoke on altercations. Shortly after being fired in November 2017, his marriage also went down the drain as well. Matt being able to get back on the screen is a long shot, as so many sexual abuse claims have become common in the business of entertainment. Earlier today we reported that sick fuck Kevin Spacey is at it again, in disguise encouraging underage drinking. In similar news a surfaced sextape with minor is sure to put Kelly behind bars.

    Will we see Matt Lauer back on tv? Should we stop supporting Bryant Gumbel show? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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