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    Maternity and Empowerment: How Are The Two Interchangeable?

    Tell You If You Are PregnantFor all the mothers out there keeping fortitude alive, we see you. Giving birth is one of the most challenging feats there is. Child birth is magical, yet it can be disfiguring and mentally daunting. Although maternity can be the most invigorating experience, it requires great levels of strength.

    Motherhood is majestic— there is no  doubt about that.  To carry a baby for nine months, squeeze something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a lemon says a lot. This is power in its highest right. Although society stigmatizes mothers who birth by cesarean-section to inferior standards, that is a procedure that is even more life threatening. No matter the delivery, it is the ending result, a swaddling new baby.

    On Maternity

    According to BMC Pregnancy and childbirth, the relationship between women’s empowerment and pregnancy or childbirth, is not receiving sufficient attention. Fertility, for example, can be considered a source of self-empowerment. Many couples struggle to conceive; however, that is a small fraction to the number of fertile women. According to, about 6% of women between the ages of 15 to 44 are unable to conceive after a year-long attempt. Other studies prove that 12% of women in the United States between the ages of 15-44 experience impaired fecundity. Impaired fecundity is the inability to carry a child to its full term, which is 40 weeks.

    Empowerment vs. Maternity

    Empowerment is expected to have a positive effect on a woman’s physical and psychological well-being during the perinatal period (just before or right after birth). According to Science Direct, the key to empowerment is how much a woman believes in herself. Undoubtedly, women who are encouraged to have a better sense of self with respect to achieving a healthy pregnancy. For example, women with these standards use skilled attendants to better chances of a safe delivery for the mother and the baby.


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