Massive Damage And “Multiple Deaths” From Explosion In Beirut


An explosion is Beirut has caused Massive Damage and wounded dozens.

There was an explosion today in Beirut that could be heard from miles away, reports of damage and deaths are coming from residents. The cause or perhaps “perpetrator” if any, has not been discovered.

The capital of Lebanon is under distrust after a massive explosion shock Beirut this morning. Reports are still coming in on casualties and damage to buildings. However, residents made reports of seeing debris at least a mile away from the explosion site. Thus the total damage of the explosion will take some time to be measured.

Twitter users have begun to speculate what could have possibly been the cause of the explosion and so far the answer is fireworks.

Of course, some have suggested that maybe Israel had something to do with the explosion in Beirut. However foreign minister of Israel Gab Ashkenazi gave everyone reassurance by stating.

“no reason not to believe the reports from Beirut that this was an accident.”

What do you guys think about the explosion in Beirut today? Was it really an accident involving fireworks and nitric acid? Or did another country just bomb Lebanon during a global pandemic?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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