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    Mass Grave Found In Tulsa, Oaklahoma

    As the climactic HBO series watchmen wraps up its first season. Researchers in Tulsa Oklahoma are investigating what could be a mass grave. The grave is assumed to be from the Tulsa Oklahoma riots. Riots lead by the Klu Klux Klan. The HBO series based its first season on these riots. The story of leading actress Regina King who plays detective Abar and vigilante sister night begins in Tulsa during the riots.

    The Tulsa riots began when a black man entered an elevator operated by a white woman. After the doors closed the white woman yelled. The black man was then arrested for rape. In an attempt to find the truth the sheriff held the black man. Refusing to give him over to a white lynch mob. Also refusing to allow 75 black men to protect him.

    When the lynch mob got word that blacks were armed and standing their ground. The whites formed an army of 1,300 people and attacked the black community of Greenwood also known as Black Wall Street. Researchers say that only 30 people died. Others say the death toll was hundreds.

    Researchers do not know how many bodies may lay in the mass gravesite. Neither do they know how well the remains will have been preserved. Tulsa researchers are also seeking permission to look into an alleged mass grave site at the booker t Washington cemetery.

    Both research initiatives began at the direction of Tulsa mayor G.T. Bynum.

    Racism in America

    As with Emmitt till and George stinky two minors murdered due to lies told by white women. Till murdered for whistling at a white woman. Only for that woman on her death bed to say she made the incident up. In addition to George Stinney. A 14-year-old boy accused of raping two white girls. Given the death penalty only to be cleared of all charges after his death.

    Race in America is still a huge issue. The only issue that could potentially destroy America. How do we overcome such an observational ignorance?

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