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    Masika Gets Dragged for Kidnapping and Sex Trafficking Stunt

    Masika Takes to Social Media to Defend her Actions

    Recently Reality Tv star and influencer, Masika Kalysha took to social media for a poorly-executed publicity stunt – to raise awareness surrounding the importance of child and human sex trafficking; tagging the non-profit, Restore Overcome Sexual Exploitation (R.O.S.E) organization in the process.

    Unfortunately, her sullied attempt did not go as planned, when fans fired-off and began dragging the actress for her ill-conceived plan and inappropriate use of social media.

    The President of the organization clap-backed at the actress underscoring that she did not approve of the video and that she would not be accepting ONlyFans donations.

    R.O.S.E. President, Toni D Rivera stated: “In reference to Maskika doing a scene or something… Saying that it was for my organization, you know I thank her for the support, but I did not approve of that video. I will not and my organization will not be receiving money or accepting donations from OnlyFans or FansOnly or whatever it’s called… Last night that video from what I’m understanding, that was done…  it triggered a lot of people…”

    Masika responded under Toni’s Instagram video shaming the President. “Shame on you. You had an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to your cause and in turn you take the very press that I gave you and use it to turn on me? Wow. I’m disheartened, considering your alleged stance in saving and unifying women. Please take this new attention ad actually do some good. That’s what you’re here for right? Hard to tell.”

    Will the actress issue an apology? Is this the end a brewing feud? The world may never know… Stay tuned to see how this will play out. Furthermore, Feel free to tell us your thoughts on the Masika Publicity stunt in the comment section below.



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