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    Mase Well – Jimmy Fallon (Prod. Curdabur)

    Mase Well gives listeners smooths beats and slick, intelligent rhymes in “Jimmy Fallon.”

    With a recent name change, this track really exudes Well’s new persona. It’s fun, chill but most importantly shows his progression as an artist since his first EP.

    “Jimmy Fallon” (produced by Columbia, Missouri’s Curdabur) is filled with so many rhymes that you want to listen to the song again and again just to appreciate them all. “Jimmy Fallon” shows Well’s determination to live his dream. “I’m just working every night, I’m kinda feeling Jimmy Fallon”.

    “Trapped like Anne Frank in the attic.”

    “Birthday with Mel Gibson, only dude’s giving passion.”

    “Listen to you talk for hours like Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee.”

    His lyrical ability is sharp and impressive. You’ve really got to give credit to him for his cleverness and willingness to expand past the typical rap bars that can so often be dry and repetitive. The lines are new and unheard of.

    His sound is unique. So many time white rappers can get clumped into one category, but Mase can really stand out on his own.

    You’ll be seeing him more in the future.

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