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    Mase Calls Out Kanye For Being The “Pastor” Now.

    Mase took the time to @ Kanye West to request an apology publicly.

    Rapper Mase feels Kanye West is a hypocrite and that he owes him an apology for saying, ” Don’t leave when you hot.” In his lengthy Instagram post, the former Bad Boy star was spitting straight facts.

    Kanye West is currently running a campaign for president and is using religion as his main selling point. Although he made songs such as Jesus Walks, Ye was no saint back in the day and made fun of rappers who were portrayed to be.

    However, fans and industry people, including Mase, have Called Kanye West out for his complete transformation.

    Mase does make good points concerning Yeezy; he is still a top-selling artist, is second to Mike in sneaker sales, and is married to Kim K. Why leave when “it’s hot,” as he would say?

    Do you guys agree with Mase that Kanye owes him an apology?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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