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    Masazo Nonaka, World’s Oldest Man, Dies at 113

    It happened Sunday morning…

    In his hot springs inn residing in northern Japan, Masazo Nonaka–the world’s oldest man–died at the age of 113. Although he has left behind his loved ones, in turn, he has given them a legacy to be proud of. Born on July 25, 1905, Masazo Nonaka was raised by his mother and father along with six brothers and one sister. Soon, he took over the family business of running the inn. After marrying in 1931, he raised five children of his own.

    His granddaughter Yuko now takes care of the inn Nonaka died in. She states:

    He didn’t have any health problem. … He went peacefully and that’s at least our consolation.

    According to The Guardian, Nonaka spent his retirement watching sumo wrestling on TV and eating sweets. Nonaka was crowned the world’s oldest living man after the death of Francisco Nunez Olivera, a Spainard, at the age of 113. Japan, a top-ranking country in terms of life expectancy, produces its fair share of supercentenarian, a name given to those who live past 100. Even the world’s oldest woman, Kane Tanaka at 116 years old, comes from here. The oldest person to have ever lived is Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122. What are your thoughts. Could you make it to 113? Please comment below and for more news, keep it locked to!

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