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    Maryland’s Noell Talks “Higher,” Becoming A Star & What’s Next

    In 2019, rising Maryland songstress Noell generated intrigue with the release of her refreshing debut project, titled, Ego Aside. And with eyes on her, Noell continued to ascend to stardom in 2020 with her new single, “Higher.” While the year is in a disarray, due to the pandemic, Noell lives in the moment and prepares the promising release of her next catalog installment. Today, we speak with the rising star on what’s next while taking a look at the past that made her into the new star we see before us now.

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    Where does the name Noell come from?

    Noell is actually my middle name. My family started calling me that when I was younger and it just stuck.

    Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

    I’m from a town called Havre de Grace. About 25 minutes from Baltimore City. We grew up really poor. I had a really rough time but I think the struggle of that unfortunate upbringing made me mentally strong. And able to live on my own.

    If you could describe your style, what would you say?

    Self-evaluation can be hard sometimes because we sometimes see ourselves differently than others, same with art I think but I’d describe my style as soulful R&B with a hint of raw hip hop.

    Who were your musical influences?

    Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys were two of my influencers growing up.

    Top 5 artists of all time and why?

    Whitney Houston for her vocal ability. Lauryn Hill for her lyricism. Sade for her tone. Drake for his all-around versatility. And frank ocean just because I LOVE frank.

    Is R&B who defines Noell or do you see yourself moving through to other genres and sounds as well?

    I think I’m most defined, comfortable and in love with R&B but I definitely see myself branching out into other genres. I listen to everything.

    What was it like going on tour with Tokyo Jetz?

    Tour was really fun! We barely slept, there were a few cities where we literally had 10 minutes to get ready & we spent a lot of time on the tour bus but all in all the experience was really amazing.

    Any album or project on the way?

    There is a project coming out soon that we’re working on now but before that a few singles.

    If you could choose one artist that you would like to collaborate with, who would it be?

    Drake obviously. Or Frank Ocean. Again, I love Frank’s artistry so much!

    Who are some of your favorite producers of all time?

    Some of my favorite producers are Timbaland. Noah “40” Kanye West. Pharrell. Scott Storch. JayUncut.

    How do you operate as an artist, do you have your own certain producers that you like to work with or are you pretty open?

    I’m pretty open but once I find a producer I like I usually like sticking with them for a while and starting things from scratch. I definitely like getting to first know the people I work with. I think it makes for a more genuine authentic connection which gives you better music.

    Talk to us about your new single “Higher”, what was the influence behind the record? How did it come about?

    Higher gives you that old school R&B feeling but still modern enough to bump today. It’s more of a sexy song. It’s referring to sex. Elevating your partner on a sexual level but it has live instruments & great vocal range that you could mistake it also for a love song. Which either or is fine with me. Whatever the consumer prefers.

    In 2019 you dropped a solid project called, “Ego Aside”. Talk to us about the creative influences and vision for the project, what’s your favorite record off the project?

    I think my favorite record from Ego Aside is Love Without Ownership. It’s one of the singles on there. I’d have to say it’s my favorite because I wrote it one night at like 4am and I just thought to myself why can’t we just live without the strings & it not be so frowned upon? It’s talking about having a casual consensual relationship with someone without getting the feelings involved because the past has taught most women that feelings confuse and complicate things. The creative influencers were definitely drake at the time. A lot of records is just me literally saying what I think & just putting it over great production in a clever way. It was everything women go through straight up. Putting the actual “ego aside” being vulnerable and honest.

    If you could describe your music in 3 words what would it be?

    Soulful, sultry and honest.

    For the first time listeners, what is a go-to record that everyone needs to hear from you?

    “Love Without Ownership”

    You’ve grown quite a following on social media, what’s to come from Noell the rest of 2020?

    The rest of 2020 I want to engage more with my followers, put out new projects, singles and work.

    How did you accumulate such a following on social media? We noticed you have dropped some viral covers before as well?

    Hmmm… I think my following first started when I did a rap/singing challenge that went viral on Instagram. Then a lot of people followed after they heard music and some like my style. And then there are some who just like how I look. I don’t see it! Haha

    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    At some really cool music event talking about the last 5 years of my life and how I came to that success!

    What message are you looking to portray to fans through your music?

    I want women to know it’s okay to be honest. To be themselves and to be unapologetic about it. Want them to know it’s okay to feel sad, or angry or jealous. It’s okay to feel happy or in love or even make mistakes. I just want women to know they aren’t alone.

    Has music always been the mission or did you want to be something else at one point?

    I went to school to be a teacher. I always enjoyed teaching or helping others and I love kids but music was always the number one goal.

    What would you tell the 14-year-old Noell if you could go back with the knowledge you have now?

    Don’t worry so much. Things always fall into place. Enjoy the moment and don’t stress over boys in the future! They come and go! Haha

    Has COVID affected your music or career at all?

    I actually tested positive for COVID in June. It affected how I felt for a few weeks and I didn’t write or record (obviously) so yes. Also, a lot of the studios were shut down and you know with the shows and concerts being shut down the music industry took a small halt.

    What brings your music creativity to the forefront?

    I think the lyrics bring it to the forefront. People seem to relate & show appreciation for the things that I write

    Do you write everything?

    Hmmm.. Sometimes I write, sometimes I go in the booth and freestyle then go back & change some words etc. he just depends on my mood.

    Some of your records seem a bit personal. Talk to us about “Love Without Ownership” and “Speechless”, how did these records come about?

    Like I said before Love Without Ownership is one of my favorite records because I think it’s very raw. It’s all personal experiences and I wrote it after a long relationship ended and the next person I was involved with wanted to get serious but I just didn’t have the capacity for the things that come with love so I just wanted to have fun with someone without getting emotionally involved. Speechless was definitely a record I wrote DURING my breakup.

    For more on Noell, follow the rising star on Instagram and Twitter.

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    Noell Regali, better known as the recording artist Noell, had a huge 2019 which includes a nationwide tour. In 2020, the rising star seizes the moment in an opportunist landscape with the release of her new song/video called “Higher”.

    Directed by the talented directors Desyree Nicole, Gabriella Paulino and Vividrichce. Noell explores her sexual desires with her love interest and they embrace a new level of their relationship that will solidify happiness ever after. Live instruments, passionate aura and clever use of traditional R&B wordplay, “Higher” shows us a side of Noell that we have yet to experience and it’s amazing. “Higher” is the turning point in her musical journey that will surely achieve chart-topping popularity in the near future. Noell’s new single proves she belongs among the top of R&B’s new generation of talent.

    Acknowledged by music in 2018, The Atlanta-by-way-of-Havre de Grace, Maryland’s musical journey originates from her senior year of High School, signing the National Anthem. Her first stint in the music business includes Noell being apart of a group in both Washington D.C. and New York. After the groups disassembled, Noell decided to pursue a solo career and viral success was not far behind with the release of her early solo music like 2018’s “Love Without Ownership.”

    “Higher” follows the Maryland native’s 2019 album, titled, Ego Aside. The debut effort took the buzzworthy artist all over the U.S. which includes fan-favorites, “Speechless,” “Deserve” and “Don’t Pull Up.” “Higher” is streaming now on all DSPs via Loyal Money Entertainment.


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