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    Marshall Law is Trending But Not Because of Eminem

    Not The Real Slim Shady

    With corona virus putting everyone on edge, it not a surprise if people just to conclusions over very subtle mistakes. This includes things as small as making a spelling mistake in a tweet. Including mixing up Marshall with Martial. On Monday March 16, Florida Represenative Mark Rubio took to Twitter to make this Announcement.

    “Please stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law.


    We will continue to see closings & restrictions on hours of non-essential businesses in certain cities & states. But that is NOT marshall law. ”

    Pick Up A Book

    The Term “Martial Law” Is used when a country’s military takes complete control of the Government. Sadly it seems Rubio didn’t have autocorrect in his Smartphone and Twitter began to have a blast. Below are some thoughts from the America people about the typo.

    Matt [email protected]
    Marshall Law is Trending But Not Because of Eminem-1

    I saw #MarshallLaw and thought Eminem had another new album. I think these people are looking for #MartialLaw.

    jen [email protected]

    Maybe put down the Bible and pick up a dictionary – it’s MARTIAL law, not “marshall” law. JFC

    One thing we can all learn form this is that not knowing a small piece of information can lead to the entire internet roasting you. Stay educated a pick up a book my fellow Americans.

    What do you guys thing about Marshall Law trending on twitter. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to let us know what future content you would like to see us cover.and as always, have a good day.


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