YKIGS 5 Usually Good New Artists

Despite what others may think, R&B music is essentially thriving right now with a wide variety of newly discovered stars, established artists return to trend and oldies but goodies legends resurging. And with all the new waves, there is a naturally discovered new siege of unfamiliar artists slowly undeniably uprooting to the mainstream surface with an all-new, all-different sound that treads the fine line of experimental and traditional contemporary.

To make sure you don’t miss out on being the first, we’ve begun scouring the world in search of new talents creating trailblazing paths to an army of followers with their unknown music. Set to add some acquired taste to your playlists.

A new Hypefresh series. Discover five R&B surprises that you can become grassroots fans of. Here are five new artists you should try out:

YKIGS 5 Usually Good New Artists


Canadian Jonny Craig is the former frontman of a successful rock band who shall forever remain nameless. For his new solo endeavors, Craig is quickly becoming contagious due to his deeply vulnerable content and dissimilar Alternative look and sound. The first-look came in the release of “Turning The Page,” a revelation song, then “Dream,” an intriguing reality-bender quickly followed. To completely shred his past persona, Craig accumulated his latest works with a few new additions in a revealing new EP called Find Your Home. In search of the future, look no further than right here in Jonny Craig’s new visual, “On God”.

YKIGS 5 Usually Good New Artists


Sugar Rays made a name for himself as the celebrity barber to Young Thug, Post Malone, Meek Mill and more. Wanting to be desired for more than his clippers, now known as simply Sugar, he joins in his client’s footsteps and becomes a recording artist destined for superstar status. To gain attention, Sugar created a following with a viral gimmick that showcased the rising star’s vocal abilities as a Postmates delivery guy serenading impressionable women. His Instagram following lead to the release of his debut collection called Love Letters. Women can’t get enough raving about Sugar’s heartbreak ballads and seductive sing-a-longs. Supported by the heavyweights, it’s only a matter of time before Sugar is gigantic.

YKIGS 5 Usually Good New Artists


From Sacramento, Marmar Oso built awareness working with popular names YK Osiris (“Worth It”) and Derek King (“Jump”). Established a stronghold in Northern California, he relies on his consistency and deeply influenced West Coast R&B sound to prepare for his big break album, emulatedly-titled, Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Energetic vocals, trendy presentation and ambition, Oso lays down a path for fans to use to convert others with catchy melodies, “Ruthless,” “Ride or Die” and the newest single, “Dream Girl”. Take a look at the visual for “Dream Girl” and you will see why the ladies can’t get enough of the California dreamboat.

YKIGS 5 Usually Good New Artists


Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Rachael Beck, better known by her stage name Rachael Plays Guitar, is crafting her own following with her soft-hearted vocals and hypnotizing strings on the guitar. Throughout 2019, Rachael developed a slow build with love rollercoaster one-shot songs that have shown glimmers of forthcoming popularity. While instrumental R&B acts aren’t uncommon; however, they are hugely successful once they become magnetic. For a complete crash course in her new beautiful acoustic sound, Rachel recently unveiled “a stripped-down” new project, Dream All Day. Safe to say, Rachael Plays Guitar is only a string away from over-night superstardom.



There is a buzzing new R&B-related mini-movie coursing throughout the City of Angels by rising singer Handsome Luke. Making the visual/song so popular is the amalgamation of Luke’s personal trials and tribulations in song form. In the track Luke refers to a relationship that goes south, his friends and family doubting his ability to make it in a non-traditional field and the general feeling of being “on the come up”. “Struggle” is a wormhole to previous breakout songs in his growing catalog like the Roddy Ricch-featured song, “Set Up”. As the pieces come together, Handsome Luke has built a bomb that is about to explode at any moment.

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