Marcus Clark Wants Quavo & Takeoff To Drop Him $1 Million For Reckless Behavior

Migos has become one of the most popular groups formed over the last four years. However, they are not above the law!!

The trio of Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset will forever be tied into the celebration of hip-hop music. Migos have hands down continued to live on top of the charts with their catchy hooks, and adlibs. Overall the group’s unique sound is one that has open many different avenues for them. At the same time, it has produced targets on there back that leads to lawsuits. This time around, what could have cost them a $1 million lawsuit?

Several outlets have reported that Quavo along with Takeoff has been requested to give a deposition in a lawsuit. The suit is being filed by stylist Marcus Clark, who claims items were stolen along with damage. The group was on set for Niykee Heaton’s “Bad Intentions” video when Quavo and Takeoff left off the set with $20,000 worth of wardrobe items. Overall, the Marcus Clark styled the group and is seeking the $20,000 in clothing, along with $400,00 in damages. Furthermore, he is also requesting an additional $600,00 in “special damages”. A judge is ordering Takeoff and Quavo to answer questions prior to April 15th.

This isn’t the first time the group has faced lawsuits for reckless behavior. Earlier last year Migos were being sued for ripping off “Walk It Talk It”. An artist by the name of M.O.S., claimed that the group stole his track and did not get his approval. Another lawsuit took place, Kingston and Migos were named in a lawsuit. From their past, it’s safe to say that Marcus Clark will not be the last person that tries to sue the Atlanta trio.

Do you think that Migos should pay $1 million for the clothing originally worth $20,000? Should the judge throw the case out? Make sure to leave your comments and stay tuned to


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