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    Marcus Camby Wife STD: She Wants a Divorce ASAP!!!

    Marcus Camby wife wants a divorce after she claims he exposed her to an STD! 

    She was also greeted to the news of Marcus’s love child on the side with a chick outside their marriage. Damn!

    According to online sources, Eva Camby filed divorce from Marcus Camby after 14 years of marriage.

    Above all, the two tied the knot in July 2005 and stopped residing with each other around April 5, 2019.

    Her argument against him is that Marcus “repeatedly and continuously committed adultery, including fathering an extra-marital child.”

    Eva Camby wants their prenuptial agreement thrown out! She states that it’s “unconscionable” and that she signed the agreement “under duress.”

    Hence, she is stating that she “contracted an infectious disease” and was “intentionally exposed” to it.

    At the moment, Eva is questioning whether or not she’s “contracted the infectious disease.

    Marcus responded to the STD allegation as dead in the water due to the statute of limitations and “consent”.

    Furthermore, the case is still ongoing. will keep you posted as more details unfold on this story.

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