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Marc Jacobs is Reintroducing the “Grunge” Line

Marc Jacobs is premiering his “Grunge” line again. The line first premiered in 1993, on a runway for Perry Ellis. It also happens to be the same line that got him fired as Ellis’ designer. Now, in his own success, Jacobs is having a bit of an “aha” moment. “Grunge” will be reissued as “Redux Grunge Collection 1993/2018″ on Nov. 15. It’ll feature 26 looks, which all happen to be the exact garments from the 1993 show.

“The ‘Grunge’ collection epitomized the first time in my professional career I was unwavering in my determination to see my vision come to life on the runway, without creative compromise,” Jacobs said in a press release. Buyers can expect to get their hands on sneakers, beanies, a Doc Martens collaboration, and some original accessories from the collection.

You can pre-order on Marc Jacobs website. 

Here’s a few of our favorite looks.

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