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    Marawa The Amazing Talks Lifestyle, iPod Playlist & Celeb Crushes

    Marawa The Amazing should probably rethink her name for 2016. We were thinking – ‘The Incredible, Marawa.’ justfor starters. After an incredible interview with the World Record holding Hula Hoop guru and lifestyle queen, we couldn’t help but to share this exclusive with the good readers of HYPEFRESH. Of course, we picked her brain about all the cool details that slipped through the cracks.

    Clark: Why the hula hoop?

    Marawa: I don’t know really. It just sorta… happened. When I attended circus school, I wanted to do one act that was in the air and another on the floor. Plus, a hula hoop is an appealing object. Very portable, nicely shaped, and extremely easy to travel with. And from there, it just stuck. (Chuckles)

    Clark: How do you maintain your level of fitness in your field, health wise?

    Marawa: It’s all about lifestyle.I maintain my health through staying active and keeping a balance between life and fitness. Whether i’m out running/climbing all over the place (chuckles)… or working out, i’m also laying in the bed (sometimes), ordering room service and ordering my favorite foods. (Laughs) But also, because it’s my profession – I have to balance it out. I make sure to get plenty rest.. Don’t wanna burn myself out.

    Clark: You mentioned ordering food… What’s your go-to dish?

    Marawa: OMG! Spaghetti. I love spaghetti. I cook lots of it! 

    Clark: Oh, my guuudness… You cooking tonight? I’m about to fly to your house! (Jokingly)

    Marawa: (Laughs) I cook it with a mushroom infused butter/onion dressing for the pasta, with some apple juice and sparkling water on the side. So delicious! I’d think you’d like it if you tried it.

    Clark’s Reaction:

    Clark: I gotta ask this.. Who’s your celebrity crush?


    Marawa:Pusha T, hands down.

    Clark: Pusha T? Yeah?

    Marawa: He’s the greatest rapper of all time… In my opinion. I grew up listening to the Clipse, so I think he’s a genius, from all that he’s done up to this point. Oh, yeah.

    Clark:Any others on that list?

    Marawa:D.R.A.M. I’ve seen him in person at least three times now… and he’s been the sweetest. A very nice guy – indeed.

    Clark: What’s your workout playlist looking like?

    Marawa: (Looking through her iPod)Right now… I got some Busta Rhymes, Clipse, Rick Ross, Too $hort, Major Lazer, UK’s Boy Better Know, A.S.A.P. Rocky, Pharoah Monch, A.S.A.P. Ferg…

    Clark:No Jay-Z?

    Marawa: No… no Jay-Z… But I got some Kanye up on my playlist to make up for him..

    Clark: (Chuckles) Oh, okay. You definitely made up for it with Ye’. (Laughs)

    And of course, Kanye approves too:

    Clark: What would be your advice to those aspiring to become athletes professionally (in your opinion)?

    Marawa: There’s two main things I would suggest. One, be realistic about what your body can do, and two – be sure to stretch.

    Clark: That’sreally interesting.

    Marawa: For exampleI really wanted to be a high jumper, but i’m really short! (Laughing) I was able to jump over my height, which is really good… But if I was planning to go to the Olympics, it would be really difficult for me to compete against others in the sport, at that level. Being real with yourself early on this prevents this challenge.

    Clark:(Thinking intently) That makes alot of sense.

    Marawa: Also, choosing something you “love” versus something you can actually ‘do’ are two different things.

    Clark: I agree.

    Marawa: Lastly, stretching is the most ‘overlooked’ routine in most sports. Everyone wants to do intense weight training, heavy lifting, eat protein bars and “raaarrrgggghhhh!” in the gym. (laughs) Cold muscles “un-stretched” will end a potential athletic career early. That also eliminates un-necessary injuries from happening.

    Like for example – Bodybuilders.

    Clark: Bodybuilders? What about them?

    Marawa: A lot of bodybuilders bulk up with like, really huge muscles and all…. But here’s a little secret about one thing they can’t do. If you ever flip their collar on their shirts, they wouldn’t be able to flip them down.

    Clark:Really? Why’s that?

    Marawa: Because their range of motion is limited due to their muscles. This comes from a lack of “stretching” after warming up. (Laughs) Because they don’t stretch out, that’s what happens.

    Clark: Wow, you’re like a “fitness” bully or something to that effect. (Chuckles)

    Marawa: (Laughing) Just a little fun fact.

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