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    Man Wins $200,000 Lottery Just Before His Last Chemotherapy Treatment

    Talk about having some good luck with the lottery!

    Ronnie Foster of Pink Hill purchased a $1 ticket and won $5 at first but he decided to trade in the money for two more lottery tickets.

    After winning nothing from the first ticket, he scratched off the second ticket and could not believe he actually won the big prize.

    “I saw all those zeroes and I froze, I didn’t believe it until I gave it to the clerk at the counter to scan. When it showed, ‘Go to lottery headquarters,’ I started shaking. I couldn’t believe it.”

    Foster is battling colon cancer and was on his way to his last chemotherapy appointment when he won the $200,000. He says the lottery winnings will pay off some of the treatment costs that were not covered by his insurance.

    He learned he had colon cancer in January, underwent surgery in February and has been getting chemotherapy treatments since April. Ronnie wasn’t sure if the win was a sign, telling CBS News that he “just might have been at the right place at the right time.”

    He ended up taking home $141,501 after taxes, according to the commission.

    Firstly, Have any comments on this story? Do you have lottery luck like Ronnie Foster?

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    Featured Image Credit: KMOV


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