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    Man Sets Homeless Person on Fire and Then Takes Selfie

    A California man is the scum of the Earth after what he did to a homeless person.

    One late night, on September 12, firefighters responded to a fire call in the Glendale area. What they thought was a small curbside fire turned out to be something far more important.

    According to the Glendale Fire Department, the small fire was easy to contain and mostly confined to a pile of cardboard boxes. Though the further they extinguished it, the quicker they found that it wasn’t just cardboard boxes burning.

    To their surprise, there was a homeless man underneath all the flames as well.

    The strange incident prompted them to launch an investigation into how the flames came to start. Their search led them to a 32-year-old man by the name of Richard Smallets. They obtained this information through surveillance videos captured by a nearby establishment.

    The video cameras showed the 32-year-old setting the boxes on fire as the homeless man slept underneath them. ABC News reports that immediately after he set the flames, he proceeded to take his camera phone out and take pictures.

    Luckily, authorities were able to find the fire starter. At the moment, Richard is in police custody and has been charged with attempted murder.

    Now, his bail is $1 million. His reason for starting the fire is a mystery.

    Any thoughts? Do you feel bad for the homeless man set on fire? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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