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    Indian Man Mauled To Death By Two Lions After Climbing Into Zoo Cage

    An unidentified Indian man was mauled to death by two lions…

    At the Chhatbir Zoo in Punjab’s Zirakhpur, the man was attacked after he climbed into the lions den. Authorities suspect that the man was in his mid-twenties.

    Authorities are saying that the man could have been mentally unstable, or suffering the effects of drinking too much alcohol. Either way, it led to his death.

    Reports of the man inside the area came shortly after a crowd of visitors noticed him, while out on a guided tour. When the tour’s driver spotted the man, an alarm was signaled, and visitors were evacuated from the premises.

    Sources say the man was preyed upon by the two lions, Shilpa and Yuvraj. According to Deccan Herald, Shilpa and Yuvraj went for the man’s neck, leaving him severely injured before medical attention could arrive. However, after 5-6 minutes of the mauling, the doctors pronounced the man dead at the nearby hospital.

    Authorities say in order for the man to have entered the facility, he would have to climb a 25-foot wall, and another 5-foot chain-link mesh barricade.

    It’s also been a discovery , that the victim was not a registered visitor. Since the incident, the zoo has been shut-down for two days, in order to investigate.

    Thoughts? Do you think the Lions should be put down as a result? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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