Man Killed By Indianapolis Police Seen Over Fb Live

This Is America

It’s no secret that Police Brutality in America is out of control, especially in comparison to other countries. When body camera surveillance is were implemented into police units, naturally you think people would smarten up and stop acting crazy part. But the truth is we got just the opposite. Evelyn police are being recorded they are still acting wild as ever. Which goes to show how well our officers election process in this country is going. And the live footage of an Indianapolis a police chase didn’t help ease public assurance.


Earlier this week, a 36 minute police chase was recorded via Facebook live by a 21 year old man named Dreasjon Reed. The video shows read trying to out run the police in his car. When you can no longer do that he got out of his car and started to run in which he was shot several times and soon died. Soon after one of the officers said “looks like it’s gone going to be a close casket, Homie”.

This use of unnecessary force and disrespectful commentary are the reasons why people have extreme trust issues with the police. Officers like this need to have their badges stripped or the Academy needs to get stricter exams in terms of dealing with civilians.

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