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    Man commits SUICIDE by train…His body THROWN 100 feet!

    Man commits suicide by jumping in front of a train in Israel.

    The incident was captured via CCTV via Israel Railways. His body flew over 100 feet and INJURED two other people standing on the platform minding their own business!


    According to Paramedic Orian Lukac:

    “When we arrived at the scene, it was shocking in the square on the platform. A man in the 30s was lying with a very severe systemic injury. He had no signs of life and we had to determine his death on the spot,”

    “Another man of about 46, who was waiting at the platform, was hit by the man who was hit by the train and flew over. He was fully conscious and suffered bruises on his head and limbs. We gave him medical treatment and evacuated him to the hospital when his condition was moderate and stable. ”

    In other news, a man nearly gets killed by a train on a bike… Trying to beat its railroad passing!

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