Man Buys $12,000 Worth Of Suits Out of the Trunk Of A Car

Man Buys

Alex Burekhovich, a successful finance guy bought $12,000 worth of suits from the trunk of a car as opposed to going to his normal Bloomingdales where he spends $2,000. 

He bought the suits from a 19-year-old sales agent. According to the New York Post, Burekhovich bought $500 summer blazers, two tuxes, 10 shirts, a few suits, and a $1,200 winter coat. Burekhovich uses a service called “Book A Tailor,” where they send out custom made suits sent from Thailand.

The service has been out since 2012, but they recently just expanded their brand for one-on-one service. The CEO of Book A Tailor, Jacomo Hakeem states that he sits in front of stores that pay $30,000 when he only pays $30. The business is actually a really successful one. Many people actually use this service.


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