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Man Bites into Chipotle Burrito Filled with Blocks of Staples

A customer’s health was put into jeopardy after buying a burrito from Chipotle.

Jimmy Smith claims that he purchased a burrito from a Chipotle store located in Delray Beach. However, he says when he went to bite into it, his tooth was struck by something hard—unlike a piece of chicken. According to TMZ, Smith’s burrito had 14 staples packed into it.

Smith is a well-known MMA announcer and knows how to demand people’s attention. So it’s no surprise that he immediately reached out to the restaurant with a complaint. As a result, Smith says that Chipotle is trying their best to smooth over the situation.

Fortunately, for them, JS doesn’t want to file a lawsuit. In fact, all he wants is for the company to practice better safety, so that this type of situation never happens again. TMZ reports that Smith say’s “This can’t happen to someone else.”

Though the company hasn’t made a comment regarding the incident, Chipotle’s corporate offices are already handling the situation.

Thoughts? Would you file a lawsuit if your burrito had been made with 14 staples in it? Why or why not? Leave your comments below.

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Image Credit: KSAT

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