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Mall Marriage proposal ends with boos…Watch now!

Mall marriage proposal

Mall marriage proposal ends with boos and hate as a woman turns down the opportunity to walk down the aisle with her man! It just goes to show that love can be tough… even if you find the right one!

**Apple News readers…Watch the video here**

Better find a real one playa! … Because she isn’t the one! Take that ring back!

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Kanye Gets Shit Talked by a Talking Tree

Kanye Gets

In video, a talking tree made fun of Kanye.

Kanye recently went to the Botanical Gardens in Miami. In addition to that, he met up with a talking tree that asked him for a pair of Yeezys. Kanye thought it was funny and he even laughed. You can also find the video below. Also you can follow Kanye on twitter here.

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Naughty Monkey Masturbates On a Tourist Shoulder

Naughty Monkey

Naughty Monkey Chronicles!

This chimp said fuck it! Whips out the D and starts spanking his monkey while tourists were getting a quick video with him!

When you feeling saucy you gotta handle your business on sight! Would you have been upset or laughed this off? Leave your comments below, please!


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Cop Jerks Off While Criminal Gets Away in Japan


In Japan, a cop decided that jerking off was more important than his job. 

According to the Tokyo Reporter, a suspect managed to escape from a police station earliest this year. We now know why the he was able to escape so easily. The officer on duty was too busy watching porn to notice that he had escaped. After the cop was done pleasuring himself, he noticed that the man in custody was gone. It took a month for police to find him again.

I guess someone really needs to get on Tinder

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Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop


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