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    Madonna’s 4 Takeaways From Rapper 50 Cent And His ‘Fake’ Apology

    Madonna Claps Back 

    In the long-awaited video from the “Vogue” icon, Madonna officially clapped back at 50 Cent after his ‘fake’ apology. It all had started when the 63-year-old pop diva had posted some photos on Instagram that the rapper felt he had to say his two cents and that she was too old to be doing that. He later apologized and said he did “not intend” to hurt her feelings.

    The “Like A Virgin” artist recently shared a video on Instagram in which she had a few things to say to 50 Cent. Fans were quick to follow what she had to say, and “you were trying to shame me, you were trying to humiliate me,” she says. “And your apology is fake. It’s bullshit, and it’s not valid.”

    4 Takeaways From The “Like A Virgin” Star 

    Madonna then gives the “Candyshop” artist four things that she had to say regarding his apology, and it was nothing short of what needed to be done.


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    “One, it’s not hard to find footage of me and you hanging out,” she says before a video shows the rapper admiring his relationship with the singer.

    “Number two, an apology is not valid if you don’t know what you’re apologizing for,” she continued. The artist goes on to explain that 50 Cent should really be apologizing for his “misogynistic, sexist, ageist behavior and remarks.”

    “Number three, you didn’t hurt my feelings, because I didn’t take it personally. Number four, you say you’re not benefiting from it. Of course, you’re benefiting from it, that is what social media is all about.”

    Madonna ends her video by forgiving the rapper and only hopes that he wakes up and sees a different view one day.

    The Feud Continues 

    The 46-year-old rapper, unfortunately, continued the feud and posted on Instagram recently, “The Purge Begins now!” He writes, “Hey is there a age limit for this kinda sh** man, i’m asking for a friend.”


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    Madonna has yet to respond to 50 Cent’s latest post on the feud.


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