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Mac Miller’s Drug Dealer Responsible for Mac’s Death?


It’s been nearly a year since Mac Miller died, but details surrounding his death are still developing.

The latest news surrounding Mac Miller’s death reveals that his drug dealer sold him laced Percocet pills. On September 7, last year, Mac was found unresponsive in his Studio City home in California. He was transported to a nearby medical facility, but medical staff pronounced the 26-year-old dead. 

After an autopsy was done, his death was ruled an accidental overdose from a mixture of alcohol, cocaine, and fentanyl, reports TMZ. It prompted an investigation into his death, which led investigators to Cameron James Pettit.

Pettit is the 28-year-old alleged drug dealer that sold mac the laced treats. Supposedly, the percs that the rapper purchased were counterfeit pills that contained fentanyl– the real Percocets should have only contained oxycodone.

Investigators also learned that Pettit did not act alone.

Just after Mac had bought the drugs from Pettit, he got the second batch of drugs he purchased through a prostitute. And apparently the prostitute and Pettit are connected. According to prosecutors, both Pettit and the street worker work directly with a “madam.”

However, it isn’t clear if the prostitute or madam have been charged yet. Thought, Pettit definitely has been.

He’s been in custody since Wednesday. There will be no option of a bond.

Any thoughts? How do you feel after reading this story? Do you blame Mac Miller’s drug dealer? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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