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Lyft App Pride 2019


Lyft App Celebrates Pride 2019 With Gender-Neutral Pronouns & NCTE

Featured Image Credit: Nick Rose

In the world of technology, people are willing to pay for convenience. Now the technology car ride app Lyft, will be adding a feature that is sure to create a comfortable environment for people. This especially goes for the LGBTQ+ community.

Lyft has announced that they will be rolling out gender-neutral pronouns. This will be released in celebration of Pride 2019. Now riders will be able to select how they will be addressed. This will include she/her, they/them, and he/him. In addition, users can decide to not disclose their gender identity.

Lyft App Pride 2019

One thing to note is that riders will not be able to share their preferred pronouns with other riders.  Furthermore, Lyft looks to make a big impact for Pride 2019, as it is partnering with the National Center For Transgender Equality (NCTE). Hence, the organization will offer $200 to drivers who are looking to change their names.

“The legal name change process is an economic and bureaucratic burden on transgender people nationwide,” Keisling said.
“The cost alone denies many people the human dignity of living as their true self and transgender people across the country know the pain of being forced to carry a name that is not their own.
“We thank Lyft for supporting its drivers in this important recognition of their humanity, their identity, and their liberty.”

Are you excited about Lyft App Pride 2019? Do you think this should have been released years ago? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit: Nick Rose

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