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    Lupe Fiasco VS Kendrick Lamar? Who The Best Lyricist.

    After a tweet, Fans are arguing Lupe Fiasco Vs. Kendrick Lamar, whose best lyricist?

    Verzuz battles have become popular during the pandemic, so its only right fans discuss a Lupe Fiasco Vs. Kendrick Lamar. This debate is different, though, because it was Lupe who came out saying he’s the better lyricist.

    The Hip-hop community was familiar with battles long before the became the viral sensations they are today. Rappers all tell of their “come up” days off facing other rappers bar for bar to hone their skills.

    While we may never see the two emcees ever stand face to face battle, Lupe Fiasco Vs. Kendrick Lamar is the battle rap needs to see.

    However, Lupe gave us insight into his opinion who why he believes he is the better lyricist, which is what we will have to settle for.

    The rapper who is notorious for deleting his tweets had this to say about the discussion.

    “in my own words…once again for you bitches…I love me some Kdot…Always have always will. With that being said do I think he’s a good lyricist? Yes. Do i think he the best lyrcist? No. Do I think it’s lyricist that are better than him? Yes. Is he a better artist than me? Yes”

    Yet when it came to the question of who the Chicago native believes is the better lyricist between himself and Kendrick.

    “Is he a better lyricist than me? No. Does he make better songs? Yes. Did I think control was ridicule? No. Am I Jealous of Kdot? No. Did I personally give him props in Chicago as the next nigga to take the crown? Yes. Is it on camera? Yes. Did I mean it? Yes.”

    Lupe appears to have settled the Lupes fiasco Vs. Kendrick Lamar debate all by himself. His commentary was spot-on, in our opinion, but what do you think?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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