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    Ludacris’s Manager Claims Self-Defense In Murder Case

    Recently, Ludacris’s manager Ahmed Obafemi aka Chaka Zulu, turned himself in following a shooting that took place back in June. Currently, the manager faces a murder charge from the case that happened in Atlanta. Making matters worse, Ludacris’s manager faces several charges against him that could potentially generate a long sentencing. However, Chaka Zulu has continuously claimed self-defense in the pending murder case. Hopefully, the man can prove his innocence.

    The Unfolding Of The Mass Shooting

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    As mentioned before, Ludacris’s manager Chaka Zulu finds himself in the doghouse after his involvement in a mass shooting this past summer. Apparently, while everyone was barbecuing and lying at the beach this summer, Zulu unfortunately was jumped.

    On June 26th, the manager was targeted by four people in a parking lot in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. While Zulu had been shot, another victim by the name of Artez Benton received a gunshot wound as well. The man died at only 23-years-old. During the shootout, Zulu defended himself with a firearm. Unfortunately, people have to use violence against violence to resolve an issue.

    Chaka Zulu Claims Self-Defense In The Case



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    Unfortunately, Ludacris might have to go in search of a new manager to represent him. Given the number of charges stacked against Chaka Zulu, it’s not looking good. Atlanta news outlets have reported that the manager turned himself in on Tuesday to face his fate. So far, the manager has been charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the crime and battery. Despite these charges, Zulu has since claimed self-defense.

    Additionally, his long-time lawyer Gabe Banks believes that Zulu should walk a free man. He even pointed out that Zulu defended himself with the firearm he’s legally able to carry. Clearly, the system is rigged on so many levels.


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