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    Nicki Minaj Lover Is Serious With New Neck Tattoo

    Nicki is back to her petty ways with her lover it seems.

    Just last month the internet went crazy over Nicki Minaj posting several things on social media. The Young Money rapper shared clips of a mysterious male.

    The media instantly dug into the gentleman’s past in question. Several media outlets stated that Nick might be dating a convicted rapist.

    We later learned that the person in question someone by the name of Kenneth Petty. The person in question is someone that she dated in the past.

    Nicki has been dating quite a few people since her break-up with Meek Mill. Those include Eminem, Nas, and other random people. Most recently news got out that Meek Mill dicked down Trina while with her.

    However, it seems as though Nicki has a new man, new dick, and doesn’t care about what happened in the past. Furthermore, Nicki is back with the shenanigans, as she posted a surprising image on her Instagram.

    Her lover “Kenneth Petty” decided to get a tattoo of her first name “Onika”. She shared the tattoo among her 96 million followers, and we’re certain that she knew that the backlash would come at some point.

    We don’t mean to hate, but do you really think that this will last long?? How long until she’s back with Meek Mills?? Leave your comments below!!


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