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    Love Songs For Embracing The Change Of Season

    March is a month that is filled with chaotic ups and downs. Seasonal allergies are temporary, but love is everlasting. Check out these 7 love songs to cope with March’s weather related and your own emotional mood swings.

    1. “Snatch It!”

    Mac Miller said it best when he rapped, “Snapbacks make ‘em look so cute!” Girlfriends everywhere know that there is just something about wearing your significant other’s clothing. A cautionary tale, Miller learns by the end of the song that simply hoping for her to “give it back” is practically infeasible.

    2. “Hot like a Sauna”

    Had enough of these tireless winter storms? Get you a lover like Sean Paul. “Keepin’ you warm/I got the right temperature fi shelter you from the storm.”

    3. “Where My Heart Used to Be”

    Cold weather can really get your spirit feeling low. Maybe you cannot relate to feeling full-blown heartless, but the “I’m so cold/I’m so cold/I’m so cold” of the chorus is relatable to anyone.

    4. “Bustin’ Loose”

    Nothing is sexier than a good heating system. There is also just something about LION BABE singing Nelly’s original sweaty-time lyrical masterpiece as well as the backup female vocals in her cover. This is the jam to reward your hubby for keeping the home warm!

    5. “Will You?”

    Some aspects of quarantining have been a dream come true. Mac Miller discusses the relaxation ideal with lyrics like, “Binge watch Sopranos/Made it all the way/To season 5!”

    6. The Future for Hip-Hop Jazz Fusion

    By spending months upon years in isolation, you may have discovered aspects of yourself that make it difficult for you to imagine yourself as lovable. Kendrick Lamar can relate in this track about finding it weird to love his partner.

    The Compton native proclaims that “Loving ‘u’ is complicated!”

    7. “Time Flies By” 

    Life is cyclical, but it also ends. Damian Marley reflects this painful inevitability with ferociously wise lyrics like, “Good times, bad times, smiles, and frowns/Don’t give up on me!”

    How do you cope with fluctuating weather conditions? Do you layer up or stay in and listen to love songs? Let us know by leaving a comment!



    1. #1: Everyone is lovable- even when it’s simply you loving you.
      #2: Every song redone though, is not lovely; I prefer the Nelly version of “Hot in Herre.”
      #3: I dislike the cold very much so.

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