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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is Featuring It’s First Gay Couple!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be revealing it’s first ever male gay couple as main characters. Prince Carter and Zachary Jones are featured couple according to reports from The Blast .

“As an African American gay male couple it’s tough as hell in today’s society and there are sooooooooooo many stigmas we’re up against. We are two big personalities who just happens to love each other dearly,” the couple told the publication. “With this platform, we want to show that love has no face or color. But love is all about treating others with respect. Allowing people to just live their best lives.” 

Zachary & Prince is the first to be featured on the Atlanta extension of Love & Hip Hop. The first being featured were Miles Brock and Milan Christopher back in 2015 for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

The couple believes that their relationship being featured will bring more positive light to gay couples.

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