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    Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James Scores 33 Against The Pistons

    Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James seemed to get the last laugh against the Detroit Pistons in their rematch. James attempted to send a message to the league last night as he went for 33 points and nine assists, in 110-106 victory of the Pistons. Luckily, there were no confrontations between James and Pistons center Isaiah Stewart this game.

    James did have significant help throughout the game, Russell Westbrook recorded 25 points and nine assists, as well. Not to mention, Anthony Davis assisted in the win putting up a double-double with 25 points and ten rebounds. This was a big win for the Lakers especially coming off the disappointing loss to the Sacramento Kings in triple-overtime.

    “That Sac game lingered with us for a couple of days, giving that game away,” Davis said. “I think we did a good job defensively tonight, getting this kick-start to a winning streak.”

    Stewart’s visit to the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers, was booed constantly throughout the game. However, he appeared to be unfazed and didn’t have any real significant interactions compared to their previous interaction. The last game they both suited up for was against each other, where they both were ejected.

    Los Angeles Lakers Turns Negative into Positive

    James expressed how frustrated he was at the game prior. He wanted to right the wrongs and get the team back on track with a well-orchestrated win over the Pistons.

    “We were mad as heck the other night after that Sac loss,” James said. “We made it a point to come in today very focused on our game plan, learning from our mistakes, and we got better. Right there lets me know we’re a team that cares and wants to get better.”

    The Pistons weren’t putting too much energy into the rematch. All-Star Jerami Grant spoke about the rematch just being another game and moving past the issue. Tons of emotions were in the air in the tightly contested game.

    “It’s just basketball,” Jerami Grant said. “Things happen on the court, but you’ve got to get your mind right and get ready to play.”


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