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    Lori Loughlin Stars On The Latest Episode Of Wrongfully Privileged!!

    If you’ve been around long enough, then you pretty much have seen it all. However, it seems like Lori Loughlin is attempting to prove us wrong.

    Recently news broke about a nationwide college admission scandal that showed the face of what corrupted privilege looks like. It seems as though Lori Loughlin may be rich, but it seems as though she’s not sure how things work in America. At least that is the method she’s attempting to go with regarding her wrongdoing. Her, her husband, and a group of parents paid there children’s way to prestigious colleges through bribes. The brides included coaches, scouts, and other admission figures.

    Lori Loughlin Privileged

    Overall, she and her husband are looking at wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy charges. Sources say the couple would $500,00 to help get there daughters into the University Of Southern California. Now the couple claims that had no idea what was taking place originally with the admissions. It has now even gotten to the point where they claim that college prep expert Rick Singer was to be a simple facilitator in the process. It seems as though Lori Loughlin privileged lifestyle is catching up to her.

    Furthermore, their current claim is one that is hard to believe, as fraudulent photos were sent to Colleges reflecting children as athletes. In the case of Loughlin, her girls shown using a rowing machine. Law enforcement is not buying claims as they have recorded conversations reflecting the opposite.

    “Donna Heinel at USC to get the girls into USC.”

    Court documents also reflect that Giannulli sent a check to the USC’s senior associate athletic director, Donna Heinel. The couple has already decided not to take a plea deal which means that they will most likely be taken to trial over the matter.

    Will Lori and her husband get there charge dropped? Who else is in on this scandal? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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