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    Lori Loughlin Fuller House Return Expects To Boost Ratings

    It’s no secret that a good scandal can help boost ratings on tv shows. It seems like that is the step that Fuller House will be taking.

     Lori Loughlin Fuller House

    Several outlets have reported that Lori Loughlin is in talks to possibly return to Fuller House to reprise her role as Aunt Becky. Her return would surely help to push the ratings on the Netflix hit series. At the moment Loughlin is in the middle of a college admissions scandal, that allowed parents to buy their children’s way into prestigious college and universities. Several parents are currently in the process of being charged for there involvement in the crime.

    “Publicly, the producers have said nothing about Lori and her situation over the bribery scandal,” a source noted, pointing out,“They have also not ever said she wasn’t returning to the show either.”

    At the moment Lori and her husband claim that it was Rick Singer who was the mastermind behind everything. Furthermore, they have already refused to take a plea deal, and will likely go to trial. Law enforcement has confirmed that they have more than enough proof to fight the theory. Including wiretaps confirming they have complete knowledge of what was taking place. In addition, their children posed as athletes that would allow their admission without even playing the specified sports.

    Will Lori help the ratings? Will she serve jail time? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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