Looks Like Prince’s Music May Return To Spotify And Apple Music Soon

Looks Like Princes Music May Return To Spotify And Apple

About two years ago, Prince removed his music from every streaming service except Tidal. And of course this brought tears to our eyes, especially when he passed away. But, that may all change. According to Billboard, Bravado, the branding and licensing section of Universal Music Group, has set a deal with the artist’s estate and will be the estate’s exclusive branding and licensing partner world wide.

The press releases revealed that Bravado will manage retail and licensing endeavors for Prince’s brand and is “tasked with “strategically curating global programs that embrace and honor Prince’s legacy, embody his invaluable influence on art and culture and provide exciting new connections for his millions and millions of fans.”

Let’s hope that means we will be blessed with Prince music across all platforms.


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