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    London Artist YAZ Feels Empowered In Her New Track “Overgrown”

    It’s not easy being an up and coming artist. Some people spend years fighting to see their name in lights, while others reach instant stardom. At just 19-years-old, London artist Yaz already has millions of streams and plays online. Furthermore, the talented artist started her online career via YouTube at just 13 years old.

    Since then, she’s amassed 750 thousand subscribers and followers across social media platforms. Her hit single “Mr. Valentine” alone garnished millions of listens on Spotify. Most recognize Yaz for walking the fine line between modern and tradition, all while adding a dash of a pop music.

    Now the Generation Z artist has dropped her newest offering “Overgrown.” The track finds the teen singer celebrating her victory over a former toxic relationship.

                Yaz Kicks Her Boyfriend To The Curve

    Unfortunately, most relationships are transactional; meaning that one partner gets what they want while the other suffers. Fortunately, Yaz saw her way out of the bad relationship. On the track “Overgrown” the UK artist kicks her lover to the curve. Not only has pulled the plug on their relationship, she’s giving a rundown of the reasons why she’s leaving her toxic partner. In this track, Yaz comes out on the other side victorious. Not to mention, the song carries an inspirational message for women who’ve weathered through a toxic relationship. Clearly, Yaz’s music has loads of qualities to love.

    Inspiration Behind The Track

    via Music Arena GH

    Clearly, Yaz has been through one too many bad relationships. Though, the teen singer decided to change the script on her last boyfriend. In talks about her track “Overgrown,” Yaz stated, “ When that person you once felt dependent on isn’t in your life anymore, and you can look back on how you’ve grown since, it’s a really empowering feeling.” Additionally, it’s empowering for female listeners everywhere. Be sure to check out more music from London artist Yaz this year.










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