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    London Artist Mami Marissa Finds Opportunity Wherever She Goes On “Go With The Flow”

    Some artists create greatness, but others like London artist Mami Marissa, are born with it. A true talent, Mami Marissa has always had the gift of song. At a very young age, she performed, sung and danced with her siblings who also shared Marissa’s gift for music. Clearly, she hails from a musical family. 

    The London artist’s music blends together Dancehall, R&B and HipHop, all of which Marissa deems “feel good music.” Clearly, she’s right. Furthermore, Mami Marissa’s music started making waves after she captured the hearts of fans everywhere. She’s already performed at several music venues, made countless appearances and continues to put out new music on the regular. 

    The success of her last record “Melanin Poppin’” paved the way for the artist to create other great hits, such as her newest single “Go With Flow.” Making her way in the music scene, Marissa’s new track finds the artist believing in herself and chasing down her dreams.

    Chasing Down A Dream


    London artist Mami Marissa always stays focused on her dreams. She may have chosen the song title “Go With Flow” but make no mistake, she’s a go-getter. After listening to the lyrics, it’s clear that Mami Marissa is as ambitious as they come. 

    The artist wholeheartedly believes all good things come to those that wait. There’s an opportunity lurking around every corner. Furthermore, Marissa’s positive and inspiring message to follow our dreams relates to other dreamers out there. In hard and uncertain times such as these, everyone could use a little more positivity in their lives. 

    Even the beat of the track comes off as optimistic but with a vibe. The sultry R&B overtones definitely make “Go With The Flow” one infectious track that we won’t be able to get out of our minds. It’s a feel-good track that R&B fans won’t want to pause. 

    Listen To More From Mami Marissa 

    When it comes to singer and songwriter Mami Marissa, she knows how to keep her finger on the pulse. The artist’s newest track “Go With The Flow” certainly doesn’t disappoint. Instead, it’s full of hope, positivity and a love for life. In the end, Marissa knows that everything will work out as it should. Be sure to catch her new track which officially drops November 25th. Also, check out more feel good records from London artist Mami Marissa. 










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