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    Lolita Monroe: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Press Junket

    From the city of the legendary “Mo City”, Texas native is bringing a fresh new vibe of creativity to the very competitive Texas music scene. She has background in the written word of poetry, choir and playing musical instruments. So, of course, Big Lolita came into her own at an early age.

    Local but well known music royalties such as Bun-B, Beyonce, Scarface and DJ Screw inspire Lolita’s sound.

    The art of rap is her peace and allows her to come out of her shell and express. She expresses herself through creativity.

    With a major team backing her introduction to mainstream, expectations are high and she is ready to deliver. Here’s what Lolita shared during her interview:

    HypeFresh Highlights Lolita Monreaux

    Who is Lolita Monreaux?

    LM: A real cool lady from Mo City, Texas.

    Tell us about your artistry.

    LM: I do a little bit of everything. I rap and I sing. More rapping than singing, though.

    Do you have anything out?

    LM: I don’t have anything available for purchase just yet, my album will be dropping January the 22nd. The album will be called Napoleon Complex. I will be putting out a single, it will be available on all platforms.

    What’s next for Lolita?

    LM: Well, I’ll give y’all a little kid bit, Z-Ro will be dropping a new project January 19th, it’s called Pressure. Look for it. Hopefully I’ll be working on more videos with other artists, trying to network a little bit.

    What is your Instagram?

    LM: It is @lolitamonreaux


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